Google Updates: How Will You Prepare Yourself for It?

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Google Updates: How Will You Prepare Yourself for It?

Google Updates photo
Google Updates photo

каталог дешевых авто Google’s search engine makes or breaks the life-span and effectiveness of millions, probably billions of websites. Every commercial web page on the internet owes its success or failure to Google’s search algorithm. This is because the discoverability of the websites is optimised by lining them up in accordance to Google’s methods of sorting websites as per their relevance to a specific search keyword. It is hence, a matter of great seriousness to сделать лягушку из пластилина своими руками bloggers around the world when google rolls out its periodic updates to the search algorithm that is at the centre of almost all как избавиться от запоров в пожилом возрасте e-commerce, advertising, and other web ventures that make money or build careers. Here is more about the background theory that applies and how you can prepare yourself for the upcoming google updates.

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So What is All This?

The underlying concept is simple: when people search, they type in certain “keywords” into the search bar. In other words, anything that you type into google while you search is a keyword. Once you press enter, google would go looking for websites that have those exact tags attached to them, in external or internal back links. Then, it would arrange the websites found in decreasing order of matched keywords. However, simple as it may sound, there are specific complications with the algorithm and often, individual updates make subtle to massive changes in the inner workings of the program that can send previously flourishing websites down in the dumps. As website owners, you should be concerned about the safety of your website, especially if you depend on it for business or publicity.

What do I do Then?
Well, the course of action is pretty simple, really, you do certain appropriate tweaks and optimisations to your website before, during, and after the update. If you’d like more information, here is a limited list of things that you might want to do during the three aforementioned phases, to give you an idea of what is required.

Good SEO Practices
If you’re a website owner or SEO provider, you probably know what is about to follow quite well, but it still needs to be repeated because of its importance in the update period: uniqueness of content is essential, and copying information from other websites is likely to help the original poster, not you. Further to that, overtly stuffing keywords in an article makes it difficult to read and often meaningless, leading to low following of your website such that people might not want to use it. Page load times are crucial: if your website takes a long time to load, you are probably better off using cache plugins or other techniques to speed it up. As a rule, if your followers like it, it is likely to be up in the search results. Of course, it is always a good idea to advertise your website on social networks.

Analysis and Feedback
This is the part where it is probably a good idea for you to seek professional help. When the update arrives, it is important for you to check manually where you ranked on the results page after the upgrade. Not only that, it’s also a good idea to figure out your rankings with individual keywords, as these are more sensitive to change while the search engine changes its modes of sorting. The keywords that rank you higher need to be promoted while the ones where you ranked lower need to be revamped with proper SEO and keyword building. As time goes by, it pays to keep a track of the following, site visits, views, ad-clicks, and revenue generated by your website in comparison to before the upgrade rolled out. With any luck, it might even be that your position on the ranks improved as the search engine shakes itself and allows the cream to rise to the top.

Make Appropriate Changes
If you’re affected adversely by the upgrade, it’s relatively easier to get back to the top if you had a good following to your website before the upgrade. All you need to do is to link your website to proper keywords in high quality content both in your website itself an in sources outside your website that offer content of unique and exemplary quality.

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